Of all of Jesus’ desciples, the legendary Mary of Magdela is said to have been the most spiritually mature, most understanding of the gospel and very likely the wisest of His followers. It is believed that she was humble and most faithful. However, due to her profession and being a woman, her existence was stigmatized.

To this day, women are often classified by societal standards that are inequivelant. All over the world they are at times placed in complex circumstances due to gender inequality, leaving the only self-sustaining options for survival to be things on black market, such as prostitution, exotic and/or erotic services. Some outside views may be that the rewards are glamourous and perhaps the profit is worth it. Unfortunately, the truth is that it is not always as prosperous as most would assume and the atmosphere can be dangerous.

Many women are subjected to mental and physical abuse in what’s known to be the oldest profession of mankind. These jobs are not often a choice, but a necessity. Instead of being understood as humans in a particular circumstance, they are instantly marked as wild Jezebels and often given jailtime when- believe it or not, some of them are actually great people with good hearts and the ambition to otherwise achieve upstanding goals in their lives.

Today, some of these women may also be career women by day, ranging anywhere from doctors and teachers to students and mothers, simply trying to sustain their families in times of turbulent economical climate. Others know the industry as a recession-proof opportunity, or have chosen it as long-term work for this reason. However, what I find most interesting is that erotic industry workers are criminalized by accusers who often use or have used the services themselves, quite honestly.

It’s a shame that in most societies today, women are still seen as burdensome and worthless. This is something I could ever comprehend, seeing as they’re chosen to cradle life into the world, a true miracle in itself. Many women in general are subject to cruel acts of humanity simply because of their gender, which God has given the precedence of male sperm to DETERMINE, thus leading me to question other issues like gendercide and how it is considered a woman’s fault when she bare girls instead of boys???

It leaves me to wonder how we find it acceptable to judge one another by circumstance over character, when the truth is that we don’t know the purpose of a soul and what its calling is amongst us, regardless of the gender its physical presence is blessed with.

The story of Mary Magdalene is a testament to what God is truly about; ONE LOVE. No one knows the journey of another or why they’ve been chosen to walk the path which they do. Just because our ideologies of Jesus are glamourized by His miraculous deeds doesn’t mean He was not seen as filth and perhaps even a little smelly with all that traveling He must’ve done. Maybe just as dusty as the homeless Wo/Man sitting next to us on the bus. Imagine sitting next to Jesus without knowing? Or Gahndi? Or Muhammed? Or Mother Mary? Or the Buddha? Or Siddhartha? Or Ganesh? Or Olu? Or your distant cousin?

We all deserve respect because we’re all interconnected. We see a man who didn’t judge a woman by her gender or profession and gained a loyal friend from it. This piece explores the legend of Mary Magdalene, as my thoughts rummage through the feelings of what it’s like to be in a place such as hers.



30 Days of Mario Kart || Mario Kart: Double Dash (2003)


Best Way to Describe the Soul

"S/He who,
dwelling in all things
Yet is other than all things
Whom all things do not know
Whose body all things are,
Who controls all things from within-
S/He is your Soul, the Inner Controller,
The Immortal.”

~*~ The Eastern image of the Divine.~*~

La JuaJua

It’s so funny
On the bus,
How everyone is experiencing something so totally different in our lives,
Yet we’re all still co-existing,
In such a tight space,
Sometimes sharing similar thoughts
On different planes.
At times connecting
And not even knowing it.

It’s just the reality of relaxing that if we can get through a long bus ride together,
We can actually get along no matter how “different” we are.

I guess it helps that it’s a nice day too. Lol


{~Written on the 40 bus at Florence/Redondo~}


To live in fear is never progressive for anyone or anything, however society tries to sugarcoat it. Not even the oppressor wins in this scenario. To claim terrorism in the name of Islam is AWFUL and inaccurate. NO one who believes in the Love of God can believe an act of terrorism is an act of God’s power, which is the highest. A man seeking for any power higher will fail tremendously in their search, because they are flawed with negativity and God’s LOVE is the greatest power.

Impressing fear upon anyone is the act of a coward. It takes more courage to love than to hurt. Humans are natural born lovers. And so we pray for even the oppressors, who may have also been victims of similar acts of terrorism or brainwash, that they turn on their own human people and see nothing inhumane about it.

Certainly not to defend anyone who supports terrorism, but to say that we are humans doing human things. Therefore, everyone needs healing to #BringBackOurGirls. My prayer is that God impress a strong change of heart upon the oppressor and give THEIR OWN PEOPLE the chance to represent the beauty of this Comm-Unity God has created out of LOVE, not fear and terror. My prayer is for kindness to be impressed upon our own society here at home in a time of turbulence and evolution, filled with misunderstood ways of being. my prayer is that D’Evils face a universal power so energetically positive that its light brazenly wraps the negatives in its arms and provides the balance it takes to shine the true power of God’s Love above anything else.

We are one man’s heart, and that heart is God’s. Disease doesn’t just affect a person, but Dis- Ease in you and Dis-Ease in me, because we bleed the same blue blood that turns red when it comes out.

- From the Ashes



Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed with all your sexism.

I worked really hard making those star plates accurate, guys.


From Thee Ash(es)

From stardust to dust, from the ashes of the stars speckled on this good Mother Earth,
and the fire which they’re made of,
we are made of before birth.
And in it, we trust that the almighty God is working in and on us
So that new stars are constantly born in the essence of us.
Karma is restored in the extracts of us, and what we think is the end are skewed perceptions of what time really is,
and its relativeness.
You see, in the grand scale if things, yrs can be minutes, and minutes - become seconds to milliseconds to microseconds to a word u can’t see on this page cuz the time seems to tick nanoseconds and whatever other “seconds” away so quickly,
can we not all agree?
And yet- relatively,
what is a second, essentially?
1 light year is a “klick” away,
measure the distance that can take.
As a HueMan, that can be such a literal
A kilometre seems like such the hypothetical criterion.
But it’s real.
The beginning of time started with friction to create you and me.
and all that rubbing up close was the chemistry of true intimacy
Just all up under each other
Like no tomorrow (which back then, wasn’t even a word yet lol)
And so atoms basked in eachother’s presence,
Limitless with luminescence
WANTING to be close with no inhibition just creation
Simply gestation
As strength is to power is to only love can create this
cuz if it’s not love than it’s separation.
But the SOUL is what carries love’s ingredient to the equation.
It goes on to build great nations.
And still, cosmic dust we become.
Part of a rock spinning ‘round the sun.
And Elements of our vulnerable flesh and bone finally become one with the dust
that our souls have completed a job well done.
Moving on to the next and the next flesh and blood, life after life, day after day,
death and again and again we recreate, another moment in Heaven, where we realize or not that planet Earth already ORBITS in Heaven.
We ARE Heaven. It is a state of mind.
Where is it so badly that you want to go?
When the secrets of your ancestors
Are in these rocks?
Provided to us by our Heavenly God?
We are here! The beauty in life;
all the trips and stumbles we take on the path to find enlightening truths.
When- in all simplicity, it lives in me AND in you.
It stands in trying to recognize the good outweighs the bad.
Through long lines of happiness,
through lineage this will pass,
living an everlasting life;
even if,
by any change of climactic chance,
those fine grains of powdered flesh & bone have blown away
It’s in all of this to hope that I say;

Its not the figurative version of life,
but the literal.
The true meaning of everlasting life
Lies in the choices of our hearts and souls,
Which makes being the best we can be for one another,
So very critical.